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April 22, 2010

Pin Trading while Volunteering for the Olympics

Pin trading is hailed as the “unofficial sport” of the Olympic Games.  Naturally, I became crazy for pins.  I ended up collecting up to 100+ pins throughout my time as a volunteer for VANOC.  According to our Volunteer guide-book, it is frowned upon to trade pins while on shift.  However, everyone still ended up trading!

Anyways, here are some of the pins I have collected:

There are 5 pins in this set. The skier, snowboarder, hockey player, figure skater, and the center "1 Year-To-Go" pin

There are 8 pins in this set. The pin at the top is part of another media set. I am also looking for the pin board that comes with the set!

It's hard to see but the dogs have little chains attached to them.

There are only 2010 sets available. This pin set is numbered at 0141.

The left pin has a glow in the dark moon.

These pins are my traders. I am willing to trade these pins for other ones!

So there you have it, a small taste of what I collected.  If you’re still willing to trade, contact me!  I am still looking for some more  pins to help me finish some of my sets.  Of course, I’m in love with Quatchi so anything with him would be awesome!

***EDIT*** I’ve been getting visitors asking about the rest of my pin collection.  Here is the link to my Flickr page: